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Discover our budget-friendly services that are designed to meet all of your landscaping needs. From design, to supplying, to installation, Parkers Landscaping will be able to help you every step of the way to ensure your landscaping dreams come true.

Transforming outdoor spaces into havens of beauty and functionality, Parkers Landscaping offers expert automatic reticulation, synthetic and natural lawn installation, and premium paving solutions—click below discover more about each service!


Automatic Reticulation Systems

Experience the ultimate convenience with our cutting-edge automatic reticulation systems, expertly installed to ensure your landscape receives optimal irrigation with minimal effort. Say goodbye to manual watering and hello to a lush, vibrant garden all year round.

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Synthetic Lawns

Revamp your outdoor space with our premium synthetic lawns, providing the appearance and texture of natural grass without the upkeep. Enjoy a vibrant, resilient lawn that's ideal for families, pets, and those with active schedules.

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Natural Lawns

Experience the enduring allure of our natural lawns, featuring vibrant expanses that invite serenity and harmony into your outdoor sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the verdant, organic beauty of authentic grass, creating a sensory-rich environment that elevates your outdoor living space.

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Enhance your outdoor aesthetic with our premium paving solutions, offering durability and elegance to your landscape design. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our paving options cater to every style and functional need, ensuring lasting beauty for your outdoor spaces.

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Additional Services

  • Brickwork and Rendering

    Parkers Landscaping offers quality brickwork and rendering services. Our service includes layering sand and cement on the structure. Please note that further steps, such as rendering brick need to be done by specialised professionals.

    We can render walls and bricks in different styles to suit the aesthetic you are looking for.

  • Soakwells

    At Parkers Landscaping, we specialise in supplying and installing plastic and concrete soakwells. As part of our service, we offer site assessment, excavation, and installation. Our expertise will determine the best location and size of soakwell to suit your property’s drainage needs.

  • Plants and Mulch

    Parkers Landscaping will help you pick out plants and mulch that will work together to create a healthy and beautiful garden that is both visually appealing and sustainable.

    If you would like to discuss what plants and mulch will best suit the needs of your landscaping projects, please feel free to contact us at 0416 960 206 or through the contact form.

  • Stoners and Steppers

    At Parkers Landscaping, we provide a wide range of high-quality steppers and stones to suit all your landscaping needs. All of our stones and steppers are durable and long-lasting.

  • Kanga Mini Loader Work

    At Parkers Landscaping, you can hire a professional to operate a Kanga Mini Loader for your landscaping needs. The compact and versatile mini loader is perfect for a wide range of purposes, including soil removal, site leveling, turf preparation, rubbish removal, digging, and trenching.

  • Free Quote

    During out consultation process, we will provide you with a free quote. Take your time to decide what service will be the right fit for you.

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